Bringing the flavour of Goa to you!


Fuelled with a passion to recreate the famous spicy flavours of Goa, we set about creating our own.


By launching Goan Cuisine we aim to recreate the authenticity of Goan food. Our artisan products are a fusion of Goa’s spices blended with the influence of Portugal’s renowned smoked food.


Every year thousands of people flock to the sandy shores of Goa, to soak up the sun and enjoy its culinary delicacies. We can’t promise you sunshine, but with GC we aim to bring the taste of Goa to every corner of the globe.


All our products are hand cooked in small batches, using only the finest ingredients from Goa so your Goan Cuisine products taste as fresh as the day they were made. We manufacture both in Portugal and in the U.K. to recreate the perfect blend of smokiness and Goan spices.


Goan Cuisine products can be used everyday. Check out our recipes page for ideas and inspiration. You can buy our products here, or look out for us at different food festivals throughout the year where you can sample some of the recipes on this website straight from the kitchen.